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Service privision for migrants and refugees

datum: 14 tot 16 november 2003
plaats: Academiegebouw te Utrecht

Internationale conferentie over de volgende thema's in relatie tot migranten en vluchtelingen: visie-ontwikkeling, toegankelijkheid, behandeling en 'good practices.

The conference ‘Service provision for migrants and refugees’ gives participants from England, Sweden and Holland the chance to share their knowledge and experience with each other. Four themes will be discussed:
- Vision: developments in care for migrants and refugees
- Accessibility of services
- Treatment of migrants
- Good practices for asylum seekers and refugees in a European context

There will be an introduction to each theme by a lecturer, followed by a workshop. Some participants follow the European Masters Degree “Migration, Mental Health and Social Care” at the Universities of Canterbury in Kent, Örebro in Sweden and Utrecht in the Netherlands.
The conference will be organised by the Utrecht School of Governance

Themes of the conference

1 Vision
With the focus on the development of mental health care for migrants and refugees in the Netherlands, an analysis will be made of ideas, visions and policies in service provision for migrants. Some other European developments will be compared.

2 Accessibility of services
Based on research among Cape Verdian migrants living in Rotterdam, the problems of this group will be analysed and the accessibility of services discussed.

3 Portrayal of migrants in health care
How are migrants portrayed in (mental) health care and what does this tell us about the contact between service providers and migrant clients?

4 Good practices for asylum seekers and refugees
The results of a research study carried out in a number of European countries on care provisions for refugees and asylum seekers will be presented. What do these practices tell us about the development of services for migrants and refugees in Europe?

Registration fee for the conference is 335 euro, including lunches and dinners but excluding hotel accommodation. There is a maximum of 10 external participants for this conference.

For more information please contact: Sander Kramer or Bianca Kooij, Utrechtse School voor Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap.
Bijlhouwerstraat 6
3511 ZC Utrecht
tel. 00 31 30 253 7321 or e-mail S.Kramer@usg.uu.nl or B.Kooij@usg.uu.nl

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