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16th International Congress on Addiction

datum: 8-10 september 2004
plaats: Wenen, Oostenrijk

Addiction is a chronic relapsing psychiatric disease, which continues to evoke considerable scientific and clinical interest. The etiology of addiction is multifactorial, being influenced, not only by life events, but also by genetic, cultural, and environmental factors. Although international studies have helped characterize the complex nature of addiction, significant transcultural differences remain with respect to its etiology, research, diagnosis and treatment. A clear understanding of the disorder is further complicated by the high prevalence of both psychiatric and somatic comorbidities present in this susceptible subpopulation. The nature of the relationship between addiction and psychiatric comorbidities is complex in itself. Drug use and dependence can be viewed either as a consequence of preexisting psychiatric disorders, which have led to self-medication and subsequent addiction, or a causative factor in the development of psychiatric problems.

The amount and category of psychotropic drug consumed varies considerably between countries and is highly influenced by cultural differences, mode of application, the onset of abuse and the development of addiction-related disorders. Global political and socioeconomic changes are also impacting the demographics of substance dependence. In the current climate, new high risk groups are emerging including: migrants, refugees, and people and families experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Geographic differences in treatment options are also apparent, with considerable variation between countries. Major gender differences towards treatment modalities and different cultures are also present. Developing countries face different problems, beginning with the acceptance of addiction as a physical disease through to the financial problems associated with appropriate treatment.

This international symposium aims to provide a forum in which the latest developments occurring in the field of addiction can be shared and discussed. It is hoped that the diversity of opinions presented at the meeting will inspire future research strategies and enable the continued development of therapeutic services.

Dr. Alexander Friedmann
Medical University Vienna
Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Alfred Uhl
Akis & LBI of Addiction, Vienna

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Fischer
Medical University Vienna
Department of Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Max Friedrich
Medical University Vienna
Department of Child and Adolescence Neuropsychiatry

> http://www.ethnicity-addiction.com/


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