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Activities Mikado

Mikado activities

In recent years, the focus on cultural diversity in the care sector has led to many inspiring initiatives in intercultural care. With our activities Mikado aims to support and encourage the exchange and spread of intercultural knowledge throughout the care sector.

A few examples:

  • Consultancy & advice on interculturalisation.
  • A monthly online newsletter and a website that’s updated daily with news, background information, developments on the work floor, and interviews.
  • Research reports and a series of Good Practice booklets.
  • The magazine ‘Culture, Migration, Health’ (CMH), a quarterly publication with an international editorial staff consisting of Dutch and Belgian experts. Main articles have summaries in English.
  • Participation in, or coordination of, national and regional networks of professionals.
  • Master classes, conferences, national and international meetings on specific themes or client populations, such as ‘refugees and mental health’, ‘social suffering and health care’, ‘transcultural family therapy’, and ‘suicide (prevention) among young migrants’.

Good Practices

The Mikado Good Practice series describes a diverse range of multicultural projects and organisations, not only focussing on the successes but also on the challenges and problems that might arise when starting a multicultural project in the care sector. The booklets provide accessible and succinct information to a wide range of professionals. So far, Mikado has published 12 Good Practices, discussing projects such as an empowerment programme for migrant youth in the city of Eindhoven, an intercultural mobile team assisting family doctors in The Hague and much more. In 2006, Mikado organised the conference “Intercultural working methods in practice: working with Good Practices in the care sector.” The conference was aimed at professionals, managers and policy makers in the broad field of intercultural (health) care. Over 200 people from the Netherlands and Belgium attended.

Tools: Intercultural competency profiles

In 2004 Mikado developed intercultural competency profiles for psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses working in mental health care organisations. The profiles are based on practical experiences in the field of mental health. The master’s degree program for mental health care psychologists in Amsterdam adapted three learning modules (psyche and soma, child abuse and diagnostic methods) to match our intercultural competency profiles. With the help of these profiles and a minimum investment in terms of time, educational programs and institutions manage to change their approach towards patients with different cultural backgrounds.

Documentary: transcultural system therapy

During a Mikado conference in April 2005, we presented the documentary I dreamed of a great body of water in the Netherlands. The film offers a fascinating perspective on the experiences with transcultural system therapy in France. Fragments of different therapy sessions show the working methods of professor Marie-Rose Moro and her team at the department of child psychiatry at the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny, France. Marie-Rose Moro was also a guest speaker at our conference. Mikado had Dutch subtitles made and the DVD is now used in intercultural competency trainings for Dutch mental health care professionals. Additionally, a Mikado research report by Hacène Seddik discusses Moro’s transcultural system therapy method in depth.


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